Promised Land

A Northern Love Story

Anthony Clavane

Anthony Clavane loves Leeds - certainly the football club, but also the city, and the tribes that make it. Now that he is an exile in the South, his frequent pilgrimages to the stadium speak for themselves. But he no less loves the rarely-glimpsed back-streets of his youth; and even has a feel for the long-gone slums where his ancestors once settled. Leeds is his promised land; idealised and unreachable, yet still it defines him.

This is a book about football. It's about unconditional love for a club, even when it doesn't always seem to love you back. But it is also a book about much more than that.

  • Yellow Jersey
  • Published 7th July 2011
  • 304 Pages
  • 129mm x 198mm x 20mm
  • 236g
  • £12.99