• "Astonishing"

    John Sutherland
  • "Deeply impressive"

  • "Reading these letters is like living Murdoch's whole creatively, sexually and intellectually voracious life alongside her, and at breakneck speed. Thrilling"

    Sarah Bakewell, author of How to Live: A Life of Montaigne
  • "The letters themselves have been selected with conviction and care...the overwhelming sense of this volume is one of richness"

    Times Literary Supplement
  • "Her mind, here as in everything she wrote, is formidable"

    New York Times
  • "Astonishing epistolary abundance from a woman who meant it when she told a friend that she could "live in letters"... Few books leave the reader with as dizzying sense of the need to question absolutely everything"

    Daily Telegraph
  • "We find a passionate engagement with the world of ideas, but most of all with friends, lovers, and pupils. These letters reveal Murdoch's extraordinary talent for affection, exuberant sense of fun, razor-sharp intelligence, and acute awareness of the transcendent"

    Karen Armstrong
  • "Exemplary... The reader grows up and grows old with Murdoch"

    Literary Review
  • "This collection of letters provides a fascinating insight into the life of a complex and important novelist. It is a wonderful book"

    Alexander McCall Smith
  • "Murdoch was not writing for posterity; she was writing for her friends, or rather as a way of maintaining her friendships, whether intellectual, passionate or both...the letters reinforce Murdoch's qualities as a person"


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