• "The wizardry of Jim Al-Khalili is irresistible. Marvel at the mind-bending Zeno’s paradox! The amazing ambiguity of Schrödinger’s Cat! The preposterous postulations of perpetual motion! The extraterrestrial extrapolations of Fermi’s paradox! and other wonders of physics, philosophy, even poetry. “I have had tremendous fun writing this book,” says Professor Jim. Reading it is the best fun you can have beyond a pop-science comic book and a home particle accelerator"

    The Times
  • "A master of making the complex simple"

    Independent on Sunday
  • "Al-Khalili leads into the harder science, but does so with such deceptive ease that before you know it you’re mulling over the expanding universe, staring down quantum theory and pondering Schrödinger’s Cat – and enjoying it"

    Financial Times
  • "Al-Khalili is the ideal guide through these seeming mysteries of modern science"

    New Scientist
  • "[A] field guide to some of the most important and fascinating conundrums in physics"