• "…amiably and self-knowingly told... the tone pitched right and the jokes good…He writes articulately about music: where a drummer sits on the beat, or what makes a song bombproof. It's the work of someone who really knows his craft, and loves it."

  • "Behind the rock'n'roll persona, vividly portrayed in his new memoir, is a self deprecating man of manners...highly entertaining."

    The Sunday Times
  • "Quite the life you've led... the stories in here, I mean, I blushed a little"

    Graham Norton
  • "It really is a rollercoaster ride...It’s a proper book. It’s not frothy. It’s not candy flossy...It is no holds barred. You wrote it yourself, it’s so obvious. It’s your voice all the way through"

    Chris Evans
  • "...the book is funny, vivid and even, at times, self-critical..."

    Daily Telegraph