• "Exciting...remarkable imaginative power"

  • "Few books bolder in conception, more vigorous in treatment, or fresher in fancy, have appeared for a long time"

    The Public Opinion
  • "The more impossible it gets the better Mr. Haggard does it...his astonishing imagination, and a certain vraisemblance makes the most impossible adventures appear true"

    The Academy
  • "My father used to read me lots of fabulous, old fashioned adventure stories but I've been haunted by King Solomon's Mines by H Rider Haggard. It's a fantastically bloodthirsty novel, of course, but the bit that stayed with this eight year-old girl when the lights went out was the part where they go into the mines and see all the skeletons of the people who had been there before them. It wasn't the physical remains that bothered me, but the worry about what had happened to their spirits. Were their souls trapped down there? Only now do I realise how much Haggard has influenced my own writing about ghosts and underground caves."

    Kate Mosse, Daily Telegraph
  • "She is a marvel"

    Katherine Rundell, London Review of Books

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