• "I have never read a poet where there was such a sense that the material was so unruly it might overwhelm its creator. It is this that makes Carson exciting... She writes with spendthrift ease."

    Kate Kellaway, Observer
  • "To engage so originally and compellingly with a story first told more than 3,000 years ago, is astonishing: her ambition is one thing, the fact that it is so completely achieved is, frankly, something else… Carson is, simply, one of the very best."

    Sarah Crown, Guardian
  • "[Carson’s] work over the last three decades has the flux of tidal waters. Words deceptively simple become in context an exhilarating tsunami of images with a shift in typographical structure."

    Hayden Murphy, Herald
  • "‘A true poet, in the sense that she makes the unfamiliar seem real, and the real seem fabulous.’"

    Richard Eyre, Start the Week
  • "The narrative poem plays delightfully with form, at times approaching stream of consciousness in the vivid interplay of memory and dialogue."

    Financial Times