• "Lucid and heartbreaking… Explores the always uncertain relationships between men and women, parents and children, friends and enemies, in a clear, clipped language perfectly suited to the laconic tone of the narrative and impeccably rendered into English by Sondra Silverston"

    Alberto Manguel, Guardian
  • "Between Friends is arguably something new, a collection of stories, but so interlinked by theme, setting and its rolling cast that it boasts the sense, scope and unity of a novel… The writing, tight and delicate, is technically breathtaking"

    Billy O'Callaghan, Irish Examiner
  • "Oz is brilliant at compact images in which a small action expresses a complexity of unarticulated emotion"

    Rebecca Abrams, Financial Times
  • "There’s a beautiful economy and simplicity to Oz’s storytelling"

    The Times
  • "Oz lifts the veil on kibbutz existence without palaver. His pin-point descriptions of individuals and spaces…are pared to perfection in order to resonate. His people twitch with life"

    Tom Adair, Scotsman
  • "Oz is a quiet, plain, compelling writer"

    Alan Taylor, Herald
  • "Deeply affecting chamber piece…"

    Ben Lawrence, Daily Telegraph
  • "Engaging collection… Beautiful, spare prose"

    Lucy Popescu, Independent on Sunday
  • "Presents us...with a complex and melancholic vision of people stuggling to transcend their individuality for the sake of mundanely idealistic goals"

    Michael Sayeau, Times Literary Supplement
  • "All Israeli life is here, rendered in loving detail"

    Mail on Sunday