• "This is a small masterpiece"

    DJ Taylor, Independent on Sunday
  • "An absorbing memoir of a town, a family, and an artist – one in which only the artist has reached his potential. Sharply observed, emotionally true and metaphorically rich"

    J Robert Lennon, Guardian
  • "I loved this very affectionate and haunting portrayal of Russo’s mother and the glove-making world gone by. The man as a boy watching his own mother’s helpless and scattered journey through her illness, describing in touching detail what the boy knew but only the man can say. It reminds me of the power that a personal story can have"

    Hugo Hamilton, author of 'The Speckled People'
  • "Absorbing memoir"

    Robert Collins, Sunday Times
  • "A beautifully executed book easeful and lucid in tone but spiked with a few telling moments of observation, humour and violence"

    Keith Miller, Daily Telegraph