• A fantastic adventure story . . . highly entertaining

    Sunday Telegraph
  • A writer of wild humour and unrestrained imagination

    Oxford Companion to Children's Literature
  • Joan Aiken is a marvel

    Philip Pullman, Guardian
  • Joan Aiken is such a spellbinder

    Evening Standard
  • So what makes these different to any other set of classics? In a moment of inspiration Random House had the bright idea of actually asking Key stage 2 children what extra ingredients they could add to make children want to read. And does it work? Well, put it this 13-year-old daughter announced that she had to read a book over the summer holiday and, without any prompting, spotted The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas...and proceeded to read it! Now, if you knew my 13-year-old daughter, you would realise that this is quite remarkable. She reads texts, blogs and tags by the thousand - but this is the first book she has read since going to high school, so all hail Vintage Classics!

    National Association for the Teaching of English

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