• "Most geeks cannot write; this one can... Equipped with an undoubted gift for expression, Dawkins the writer comes with a unique pedigree"

    Richard Fortey, Guardian
  • "This eloquent, witty and instructive book reveals the true Richard Dawkins. It's a great read."

    A.C. Grayling
  • "Throughout and as usual, Dawkins's writing is graceful, sparkling with anecdotes and wit"

    Eugenie Scott, Nature
  • "Dawkins is a fascinating man and as a writer he is nothing less than essential... he is a man who has influenced or changed the way people think. His story needs to be read."

    Simon Barnes, The Times
  • "Richard Dawkins's memoirs are, like their author, honest, perceptive, sometimes ingenuous, always rational and deeply humane."

    Matt Ridley

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