• "The collected letters of Kurt Vonnegut include some remarkable examples of epistolary eloquence… it is the tender letters to his youngest daughter, Nanette, that are the jewel of this collection"

    Jane Shilling, Sunday Telegraph Seven
  • "One closes this volume...full of gratitude for Dan Wakefield...the editor of this labour of love that gives us one more reason to love Kurt Vonnegut"

    John Sutherland, The Times
  • "This collection is perhaps the best insight into the everyday needles of a prolific author you could hope to read"

    Ed Caesar, Sunday Times
  • "Splendidly assembled and edited by Dan Wakefield . . . [Vonnegut’s] familiar, funny, cranky, acute voice . . . is chronicling his life in real time."

    New York Times Book Review
  • "Droll and self-deprecating letters offer intriguing insights into Vonnegut’s life"

    Sunday Times