• Told with wit, warmth and an obsessive eye to detail that I have not seen since Nick Hornby was writing about pop music, Sad Men is both a brilliant memoir about a lifetime obsession with advertising and a heartfelt, curiously moving book that roams the world but always returns to the fantasies that were created by smart people trying to sell us stuff. Forget Don Draper - Dave Roberts is the world's favourite ad man.

    Tony Parsons
  • Witty, wry and self-deprecating. Go buy!

    Freya North
  • An insightful, eye-opening and often eye-wateringly funny tale.

    Sunday Sport
  • If you wish to discover what kind of mad man becomes an ad man, the answers are to be found in Sad Men.

    Roger Lewis, Daily Mail, Book of the Week
  • Genuinely enlightening... what is most surprising about the book, and the "obsession" detailed within, is just how moving and sympathetic it proves. There's a tendency to think of advertising as an intensely cynical industry, but what Roberts' story illustrates is that there is often an artistic impulse and integrity at play as well. More than this, Sad Men takes one of the bugbears of contemporary entertainment, product placement, and uses it in the most sincere and even heartfelt fashion.

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