• All Italy is here, its history, its character, its flaws

    Sunday Times
  • A treat equivalent to a ride on the Orient Express

    Wall Street Journal
  • Like the best train journeys, you don’t want it to end

    New Statesman
  • A very funny hosanna to Italian railroad locomotion in all its rackety glory

    Evening Standard, Books of the Year
  • Parks has the keenest of eyes for the telling of amusing detail ... He remains the best interpreter of Italian ways in Italy

    Sunday Herald
  • Tim Parks has written a book about Italian railways that is engrossing, entertaining, and wonderfully revealing about the country and its people. It makes perfect armchair travelling – a delight from beginning to end

    David Lodge
  • All Italy is here, its history, its character, its flaws, and some of the things that Parks loves about the place

    Sunday Times
  • The book is, as Tim Parks says, a search for the Italian character, which he evokes in dozens of gorgeously written scenes; but beyond that Parks is exploring the dynamic between tradition and innovation... Underneath everything, Parks is trying to come to a point of loving the world in all its confusion and frustration, and by the book's end he does, he does. Bravo

    David Shields
  • This latest peg on which to hang another ruminative book about the character of Italy provides Parks with a first-class ticket to ride as a lively, erudite raconteur in salty daily negotiation with what he calls a ‘dystopian paradise’

    Iain Finlayson, The Times
  • With Paul Theroux apparently winding down, there might be an opening for Parks as a new laureate of international railways

    Andrew Martin, Observer

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