• "Helen Fielding made it funny and fictional in Bridget Jones's Diary; Elizabeth Gilbert did it without laughs in Eat, Pray, Love. Now in this mashup of memoir, fiction, self-help and philosophy, Sheila Heti has added a bit of a story, quite a few blow jobs and some cheeky exclamation marks, and finally made it credible"

  • "A really amazing metafiction-meets-nonfiction novel"

    Lena Dunham, star and creator of HBO series 'Girls'
  • "A beguiling "novel from life" about creativity and authenticity"

    Guardian Pick of 2013
  • "Funny, bawdy and fiercely original, this is the book everyone's talking about - and for good reason"

    Easy Living
  • "A shamelessly funny read that’s got all of America talking"

  • "Part of a growing movement to explore the messiness, self-consciousness and doubt of young women who have been told the world offers them unprecedented opportunity, and who are discovering just what that means"

    Kira Cochrane, G2
  • "It will be one of the most talked-about books of 2013"

    Irish Tatler, 2013 Hot List
  • "Original...hilarious... Part confessional, part play, part novel, and more—it’s one wild ride...Think HBO’S Girls in book form"

    Marie Claire
  • "Utterly beguiling: blunt, charming, funny, and smart. Heti subtly weaves together ideas about sex, femininity and artistic ambition. Reading this genre-defying book was pure pleasure"

    David Shields, author of Reality Hunger

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