• "McGuinness is a marvellous writer... On every page there are breathtakingly gorgeous images, similes, metaphors."

    John Banville, Observer
  • "McGuinness has written the great book on Belgium and modern memory, or even Belgium and modern being. He takes his place among those singers and painters of the haunted, the melancholy, the diminished, the caricatural, the humdrum."

    Michael Hofmann, Guardian
  • "Lyrical and evocative... This is a very Proustian memoir, whose effect will be to drive the reader into contemplation of their own half-forgotten childhood home."

    Josh Glancy, Sunday Times
  • "A rich analysis of home and homelessness."

    James Wood, London Review of Books
  • "This book had a powerful effect on me... Sometimes hilarious, sometimes freighted with tragedy."

    Gillian Tindall, Literary Review