• "Kennedy tenderly anatomised London and loneliness in Serious Sweet."

    Ali Smith, Guardian, Book of the Year
  • "So beautiful that it makes your head hurt."

    Katy Guest, Independent
  • "Serious Sweet is a magnificent novel, showing Kennedy at the very top of her game. Ambitious in scope, daring in execution, full of dazzling apercus and dark comedy… It is a tale of redemption, as serious and as sweet as you could wish for."

    Rebecca Abrams, Financial Times
  • "In equal measures, funny, sad and addictive… The opening pages had me holding my breath in fear and anticipation… Capturing the relentless hustle of London life to perfection."

    Glenda Marchant, Stylist
  • "A. L. Kennedy shakes her city until the right atoms collide. She stands back to give a picture of the whole of London on one day, and then suddenly swoops down to pick up a tiny detail."

    Kate Saunders, The Times
  • "Deeply affecting... Kennedy strips her characters emotionally bare… Serious Sweet portrays intense lives of quiet desperation: it is a novel about hope and muted courage and, at the end of the day, a very tentatively experienced optimism."

    Hannah Beckerman, Observer
  • "A. L. Kennedy's eighth novel is a profoundly moving, often funny, and at points rending depiction of two good people. Serious Sweet is about the heroism of decency; albeit damaged decency... Kennedy is not one of our finest writers simply because of the quality of her prose: she is because of the moral profundity of her work."

    Stuart Kelly, Scotsman
  • "This is a bold, cinematic novel... Parts of it are terrifically funny."

  • "A genuinely stirring love story."

    Mail on Sunday
  • "Her flair for describing feelings and relationships makes this an engaging window into the messy minds of Londoners and her commentary on the city rings true."

    Susannah Butter, Evening Standard