• "A hugely entertaining eye-opener about how misuse of statistics can skew our view of the world"

    Daily Mail
  • "Lively and lucid . . . an intensely useful (as well as a remarkably entertaining) book . . ."

  • "In my experience, it is very rare to find a book that is both erudite and entertaining. Yet The Improbability Principle is such a book. Surely this cannot be due to chance alone!"

    Hal Varian, Google’s Chief Economist
  • "An elegant, astoundingly clear and enjoyable combination of subtle statistical thinking and real-world events."

    Andrew Dilnot, co-author of 'The Numbers Game'
  • "As someone who happened to meet his future wife on a plane, on an airline he rarely used, I wholeheartedly endorse David Hand’s fascinating guide to improbability, a subject which affects the lives of all, yet until now has lacked a coherent exposition of its underlying principles."

    Gordon Woo, catastrophist at Risk Management Solutions