• "Combines anecdote and insight drawn from personal experience into a fine book on the art of batsmanship."

    The Guardian, Books of the Year
  • "

    A beguiling insight into the trials, tribulations and triumphs of life as a batsman.


    Lawrence Booth, editor of Wisden
  • "I love the way Steve James writes about cricket, his endless curiosity and generosity. The Art of Centuries distils a lifetime's wisdom, joy and frustration - a three-figure literary innings."

    Gideon Haigh
  • "Excellent."

    Mike Atherton, The Times
  • "A delight... It is always fun to read Steve's work. His previous book The Plan was a terrific breakdown of how Duncan Fletcher and Andy Flower took England to the top during their time as head coach. This new book has a nice, light, often discursive touch to it, and I like discursive, that delightful pathway into digression where one memory prompts another."

    Mike Selvey, The Guardian