• "A cool, clear glass of sane in a world of unbearable woo-hoo."

    Caitlin Moran
  • "A great feminist stand up, who gets us feminists to laugh at ourselves, as well as at the dinosaurs."

    Mary Beard
  • "Fabulous feminist polemical memoir from one of the funniest most astringent women working the upper tier of the British comedy circuit. Scrap that, she's just one of the best in entertainment."

  • "Part memoir, part laughter-filled rant ... Christie is a lively narrator and provides a sharp balance of hilarity and ideology. A Book For Her is both a searingly accurate portrayal of 21-century womanhood and a proper hoot."

  • "Charm, passion and gallons of wit. Funny books seldom come so committed, nor committed books much funnier."

    Sunday Telegraph