• "I was truly moved by Margaret Forster's ingeniously structured and beautifully written memoir... A really wonderful book"

    Juliet Nicolson, Evening Standard BOOKS OF THE YEAR
  • "A beautiful exploration of her life in relation to the homes she has made'"

    Rachel Joyce, Observer BOOKS OF THE YEAR
  • "Such a clever idea. It's a memoir sited in bricks and mortar... social and personal history spliced together"

    Penelope Lively, Guardian BOOKS OF THE YEAR
  • "Until its shocking, throat-catching end, this latest book is a deceptively simple trek evoking everywhere [Margaret Forster] has lived"

    Melanie Reid, The Times
  • "Reads like one of Forster's well-loved novels: full of sharp observation and gentle wit"

    Bel Mooney, Daily Mail
  • "In both books and homes, we find wry humour and a great deal of poignancy"

    Sarah Franklin, Sunday Express
  • "Like sitting down for tea with a highly intelligent woman and chatting, not so much about "a room of one's own" as "a home of one's own"... fascinating and touching"

  • "This is a lovely and touching evocation of what home means to one woman, and within this is a universality that many will connect with"

    Shirley Whiteside, Herald