• I’ve never seen [the concepts in Doughnut Economics] laid out so clearly, compellingly, or cheekily. Social entrepreneurs, it’s doughnut time – and I strongly recommend that you take a bite.

    Four Books Every Social Entrepreneur Should Read, Forbes
  • Doughnut Economics shows how to ensure dignity and prosperity for all people.

    Huffington Post
  • A compelling and timely intervention.

    Caroline Lucas MP, Books of the Year, The Ecologist
  • A book you will need to know about . . . Kate writes beautifully . . . If only 10% of the ideas get implemented, the world will be a much better place.

    World Bank blog
  • A sharp, insightful call for a shift in thinking . . . Raworth’s energetic, layperson-friendly writing makes her concept accessible as well as intriguing.

    Publishers Weekly
  • Kate Raworth, formerly of Oxfam, shows that the undulations of equality and justice are really very profound . . . [Her] aim is to adjust human use of the processes of planetary dynamics so that the overall outcome of development is survival in peace, health, prosperity and companionship.

    British Academy Review
  • Proposes a new economic model – one that embeds the human economy within the natural world and within society, rather than being distinct from either.

    The Ecologist
  • An innovative vision about how we could refocus away from growth to thriving.

    Daily Mail
  • A brand new way of conceptualising economic development without being tied to infinite growth . . . A useful idea.

  • There are some really important economic and political thinkers around at the moment – such as Kate Raworth's Doughnut Economics . . . I get the sense that a major period of new thinking and political creativity is coming.

    Andrew Marr, Guardian

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