• "Compulsively readable... McEwan’s prose keeps its cutting edge and his books are the ones the reading public still crave… A masterly balance between research and imagination… One feels an immediate pleasure in returning to prose of uncommon clarity, unshowiness and control"

    The Times
  • "Classic McEwan… It’s a pleasure from start to finish, one not to be interrupted"

  • "A powerful, humane novel"

    Evening Standard
  • "One of the finest writers alive"

    Sunday Times
  • "McEwan writes as beautifully and elegantly as ever, his prose quintessentially English in its restraint, one meticulously chosen word hinting at depths of emotion"

    Washington Post
  • "A finely written, engaging read… Poignant, challenging and lyrical"

    Sunday Express
  • "A class act by one of our finest novelists."

  • "A compelling moral dilemma [with] a moving and heartfelt denouement."

  • "Shows McEwan as a master of fiction."