• "Parsons’ jaunty, full-color acrylic illustrations provide lots of fun and cartoonish detail, and they are a clever companion to Jones’ rhyming, sea-shanty-like verses."

  • "The text bounces along in rhyme, swishing readers along to a satisfying end. It just begs to be read aloud!"

    Books for Keeps
  • "Revel in the rhythm and rhyme of this colourful tale."

    Early Years Educator
  • "A jaunty pirating mystery"

    Fiona Noble, The Bookseller
  • "With its jaunty rhyming telling and gigglesome visuals, this swashbuckling tale, complete with sea shanty is likely to appeal to would-be young sea dogs especially those who enjoy a book where things are not quite as they seem."

    Red Reading Hub

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