• Admirably clear and judicious … If the word ‘blockchain’ makes you want to call a plumber, or you think Satoshi is some kind of raw fish, you need to read Cryptocurrency today. If you're already a bit-convert, you'll still learn a lot

    Niall Ferguson, author of The Ascent of Money
  • Invaluable ... a fascinating field guide to the phenomenon in which three of the most powerful forces shaping our world today meet - the reform of finance, technological innovation, and the rejection of traditional politics

    Felix Martin, author of Money: the Unauthorised Biography
  • Fascinating... Vigna and Casey are cautious, though enthusiastic guides to this strange new world... they know how to dig beneath the surface and they also know how to write. The book is full of fascinating stories, from the origins of money... to the Silk Road bust... Somewhere in this world of blockchains and cryptocurrencies lies the seed of the next online revolution- one that brings radical decentralization, autonomous organisations, a cull of brokers and fixers, a new constraint on government and fiat currencies, and a supercharge to the sharing economy

    The Times
  • Engaging, lucid, and thought-provoking … I can think of no better guide to what the future holds

    Eswar Prasad, author of The Dollar Trap
  • Not only demystifies and explains bitcoin, but shows where it fits into the cultural zeitgeist and where it's pointed, and what that may mean for our financial system

    John Mauldin, New York Times bestselling author

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