• "This fascinating book reveals the existence and origins of surely one of our species’ greatest creations, and Andrew Blum is the perfect writer to share both the remarkable human stories and the astonishing technical wizardry behind it all"

    MARK VANHOENACKER, author of Skyfaring
  • "Sharp, stylish and often surprising. In this absorbing book Andrew Blum tracks the development, from wild dream to astonishing reality, of the quietly revolutionary technology that shapes our everyday lives"

    PETER MOORE, author of The Weather Experiment
  • "Exhilarating ... a hurricane-force tour of one of the most astonishing but under-appreciated facets of the modern world"

    LEWIS DARTNELL, author of Origins
  • "Andrew Blum is a master of revealing the hidden systems behind technologies we take for granted. In the The Weather Machine he takes on the daily forecast, and the result is deeply researched, tightly written, compulsively readable and totally fascinating"

    SETH FLETCHER, author of Einstein’s Shadow
  • "Utterly engrossing. The year's most original and stimulating 'travel' book"

    Independent on Tubes
  • "Entertaining and illuminating. Excels at rooting the Internet in real-world locations. Full of memorable images that make its complex architecture easier to comprehend"

    Observer on Tubes
  • "All too awesome to behold. Andrew Blum's fascinating book demystifies the earthly geography of this most ethereal terra incognita"

    Joshua Foer on Tubes