• "I thought that everything had already been said about the Brontës. But Samantha Ellis has looked at the family from a new angle, and in doing so brought Anne out of the shadows and placed her front and centre amongst her splashier siblings. I was wowed and moved"

    Tracy Chevalier
  • "A lively, intelligent tribute to the forgotten Bronte sister, Anne… Her indignation is salutary"

    Lucy Hughes-Hallet, Observer
  • "A fascinating and compelling read... what Ellis does extraordinarily well is to convey the emotion of her own deeply personal voyage of discovery about Anne and herself... [makes] you long to rush off and reread Anne's novels and poetry: what more could you ask for?"

    Juliet Barker, Mail on Sunday
  • "This is a very personal book about what the short life of Anne Bronte can tell us about wringing every drop out of existence… A great pleasure to read and a more fitting tribute to Anne than her gravestone in Scarborough."

    Daisy Goodwin, The Times
  • "A lovely and imaginative investigation into a serious and searching woman whose last words were "take courage". It's inspiring stuff"

    Eithne Farry, Sunday Express