• Emily Hauser's novels combine thoughtful scholarship with a deep love for the ancient mythology. Her passion for bringing these stories to a modern audience is palpable, and her choice to dig into the untold stories of female characters offers a fresh and feminist take on well-known tales.

    Madeline Miller, author of CIRCE and THE SONG OF ACHILLES
  • For the Immortal brings to a satisfying conclusion Emily Hauser's 'Golden Apple' trilogy, retelling some of the best-known Greek myths from a female perspective. Previous volumes have dealt with the Trojan War and the Golden Fleece; this one looks at the entangled tales of Admete, daughter of a Greek king, Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons, and Hercules, hero of a dozen labours. As the trilogy has progressed, the stories Hauser has chosen to reimagine have grown less familiar to modern readers, but the skill she shows in giving them new life has not slackened.

    Sunday Times

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