• "The health book of 2016. 2016 is the year of Dalton Wong’s Feelgood Plan, also known as how to be fit and have a life. Jennifer Lawrence’s personal trainer has put together a book of scientifically proven antidotes to extreme fitness and quick fixes, and his biggest A-list fan is so impressed, she’s written the foreword to it!’"

    Glamour, Glamour
  • "What it really takes to get a Hollywood body by the man who made J-Law hot."

    Heat Magazine, Heat Magazine
  • "Jennifer Lawrence credits Dalton Wong with changing her life."

    The Metro, The Metro
  • "The exercise part of the plan is the one I found most revolutionary. It promises to change your relationship with exercise and for me it really has."

    Huffington Post, Huffington Post
  • "The hot health book for 2016 is The Feelgood Plan by Dalton Wong."

    The Daily Mail, The Daily Mail