• "In this darkly funny work, Parks offers a story that doesn’t shy away from the complexity of relationships, and from the ineffability, indeed, impossibility, of the unmade decision."

    Ayesha Manazir Siddiqi, Independent
  • "Mordantly amusing, deeply sad novel… Plainly written, vivid portrait of a marriage… A cautionary tale for couples heedless of the care and kindness a good relationship requires, and a horror story for those who discover they are simply but irreparably mismatched."

    Rosemary Goring, The Herald
  • "A blackly comic study of a 30-year-old marriage."

    Arminta Wallace, Irish Times
  • "As effective an antidote to Valentine’s Day as you could find."

    Stephanie Cross, Daily Mail
  • "Restless, lightly mordant tale of lust and love lost."

    Jeffrey Burke, Mail on Sunday