• "A stylish, thoughtful, and scrupulously fair-minded account of what the software that increasingly governs our lives can and cannot do ... A beautifully accessible guide that leaps lightly from one story to the next without sparing the reader hard questions... deserves a place in the bestseller charts."

    The Times
  • "With refreshing simplicity, Fry explains what AI, machine learning and complicated algorithms really mean, providing some succinct explanations of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, driverless cars and many other unnerving modern phenomena…This book illustrates why good science writers are essential."

  • "Brilliantly clear...Fry succinctly outlines the ethical issues that beset AI"

    Sunday Times
  • "Editor's Choice: consistently illuminating"

    The Bookseller
  • "Books of the Year"

    The Times
  • "<p>Books of the Year<br>This short, sharp book on the power and dangers of algorithms offers one of the clearest explanations of a complex subject</p>"

  • "<p>Books of the Year<br>A perky, brief introduction to big data and algorithmic crunching…enjoyably sceptical</p>"

    The Guardian