• "<i><b>Never Tell</b></i> is raw, visceral, emotional, <b>the sentences come at you like MP5 rounds</b>, and features three incredible characters, D.D., Flora and Evie, who, alone, could carry any narrative. Together, they create <b>A TSUNAMI OF A THRILLER</b>. This may well be <b>Gardner’s best work</b>, and that is saying something."

    David Baldacci
  • "<b>Lisa Gardner has outdone herself</b> with this powerful novel about three women, two murders, and uncountable secrets! From its stunning opening to its last thrilling page, <i><b>Never Tell</b></i> will <b>captivate, surprise,</b>and <b>satisfy </b>you."

    Lisa Scottoline
  • "<b><i>Never Tell</i> </b>shocks the system like ten thousand volts. D.D. Warren’s most <b>gripping </b>case yet. <b>Brace yourself</b>, gulp down a deep breath, and dive in."

    A.J. Finn
  • "In her latest nail-biter <i>Never Tell</i>, Lisa Gardner knows just what her readers want and how to give it to them."

    Real Book Spy
  • "This <b>career-best thriller </b>from the bestseller will keep you up into the wee small hours ... <b>the twists just keep coming</b>"

    Peterborough Evening Telegraph

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