• "Fascinating ... O’Mara argues [walking] is intimately connected to our bodies, our brains, and ultimately how we exist as a species"

    The Times
  • "In Praise of Walking is both informative and persuasive enough to rouse the most ardent couch potato – perhaps saving humanity before our lifestyle consumes our brains completely"

    New Scientist
  • "Convincing and compelling ... In Praise of Walking is peppered with insights about everything from 19th-century poets and flâneurs to modern-day experiments with subjects playing video games in fMRI scanners"

    Sunday Times
  • "Walking makes us healthier, happier and brainier ... [O'Mara] knows this not only through personal experience, but from cold, hard data"

  • "Full of insights… an accessible and thought-provoking discussion of walking as a key to human success"

    Gina Rippon, author of The Gendered Brain
  • "A book that will leave you itching to go out for a good old-fashioned stroll"

    Mail on Sunday
  • "A fascinating new book that examines the multitudinous benefits of this form of locomotion"

    Harper's Bazaar
  • "Like a poem to walking… [and] the science that might help convince planners to prioritise walking as a means of getting around"

    UK Press Syndication
  • "

    Forget apples. A walk a day really will keep the doctor away


    Evening Standard
  • "[In Praise of Walking] it provides an antidote to the many miseries that can accumulate because of our modern, sedentary lifestyle"

    Simple Things