• "<b>A novelist at the height of his powers </b>... <b>Quietly devastating</b>."

    The Times
  • "Critics reckon it’s <b>Barnes’s best novel for many years</b> and roundly praised the ‘emotional acuity’ of his writing."

  • "<b>Exquisite</b>."

  • "Emotionally acute, profoundly beautiful, as droll as it is deep... <b>this has to be one of the smartest novels that 2018 has to offer.</b>"

    Mail on Sunday
  • "A gentle, bleak, and <b>brilliant</b> novel."

    Financial Times
  • "<b>Immensely powerful.</b>"

    New Statesman
  • "This intense, taut, sad and often beautiful tale <b>may well be Barnes’ best novel for years.</b>"

  • "A <b>tender and heartbreaking</b> novel."

  • "A sensitive look at <b>what makes lovers tick.</b>"

    The Times
  • "<b>A vivid dramatization</b> of the narcissism of obsessive love."

  • "Cunningly crafted and sharply observed."

    Daily Mail
  • "Barnes writes with <b>shattering emotional acuity</b>. The moments of pure devastation pile up, the story crushing with increasing weight as it unfurls."

  • "<b>An utterly devastating masterpiece of a novel.</b>"

    Irish Independent
  • "<b>At once understated and dazzling. </b>Which perhaps sums [Barnes] up, the dazzle lying not in the shimmer of individual sentences so much as in the curves and vaults of his structural decisions."

    New York Review of Books
  • "A <b>quietly harrowing</b> novel about the complexity of love and the slipperiness of memory."

    The Week
  • "Distils some of the pandemonium, and intergenerational conflict, of our own uncertain time."

  • "Barnes gives us a novel that <b>asks the profoundest questions</b> about memory, love and human existence."

    Harrods Magazine
  • "What begins as a <b>witty </b>tale of rebellion against bourgeois norms becomes a <b>moving </b>meditation on love. Once again Barnes shows off his skill at <b>getting to the heart of a human heart.</b>"

    Woman & Home
  • "<b>Deeply affecting</b> and profoundly philosophical, <i>The Only Story</i> is a novel by <b>an author at the height of his technical powers.</b>"

    Sunday Express