• "<b>Our book of the year – and maybe of Ondaatje's career.</b>"

    Daily Telegraph **Books of the Year**
  • "<b>Michael Ondaatje’s <i>Warlight</i> is a rare and beautiful thing</b> – a deeply retrospective novel about war secrets that feels neither overstated nor overly ethereal. In<b> sumptuous prose</b>, Ondaatje limns the psyche of a man still trying to make sense of his complicated relationships and the mysteries surrounding his absent parents. <b>One of the most absorbing books I’ve read all year.</b>"

    Times Literary Supplement **Books of the Year 2018**
  • "<b><i>Warlight </i>sucked me in deeper than any novel I can remember</b>… fiction as rich, as beautiful, as melancholy as life itself."

  • "<b>From the very first sentence you’re desperate to find out what happens next</b>… All is slowly, tantalisingly revealed, in flashbacks, fragments, digressions and stories within stories, <b>narrated in majestic Ondaatjean style</b>."

    New Statesman
  • "In <i>Warlight </i>we have <b>a writer who knows exactly what he’s doing </b>– and has constructed something of <b>real emotional and psychological heft</b>, delicate melancholy and yet, frequently, page-turning plottiness. <b>I haven’t read a better novel this year.</b>"

    Daily Telegraph
  • "The latest novel from the author of <i>The English Patient</i> is <b>just glorious</b>... <b>rendered with Dickensian verve.</b> <b>My hot tip for the Booker Prize.</b>"

    Harpers Bazaar
  • "Ondaatje’s first novel in seven years <b>mesmerizes from start to finish.</b>"

    Mail on Sunday
  • "I spend the months before the publication of a new Michael Ondaatje novel trying to keep my expectations in check, telling myself it's simply unfair to expect as much of any writer as I expect from Ondaatje. Then he pulls off a <i>Warlight</i>, and I'm embarrassed by my own lack of faith... [<i>Warlight</i>]<b> is surprising, delightful, heartbreaking and written as only Ondaatje could write it.</b>"

  • "<b>Compulsively and grippingly readable</b>. In fact <b>I read it first at a gallop, enthralled</b> by the image of a city and a world distorted and all but destroyed by war, and then again slowly, <b>determined to savour the details</b> and extract as much as I could from it. Much remained puzzling on this second reading, but two things are clear: <b>Michael Ondaatje is a marvellous writer, and <i>Warlight</i> is a novel which will continue to play in the reader’s imagination</b>."

  • "Ondaatje [is] such a <b>thrilling </b>writer…<b> I loved </b>[<i><b>Warlight</b></i>]."

    Evening Standard