• "Compelling, fascinating and well-written, undeniably grim but peppered with humour and tenderness, every chapter a testimony to someone’s goodness or fortitude, to the kindness of strangers… Hudson demonstrates that only by lifting whole communities out of poverty, by properly looking after looked-after children and funding a well-rounded welfare state, can we hope to avoid consigning children and young people like her – vulnerable and blameless – to the worst of lives"

    Kit de Waal, Daily Telegraph
  • "Kerry Hudson invites us to really understand the complexities of being born working class in Britain. Buy it, read it, tell everyone about it"

    Jack Monroe
  • "Beautifully written but with emotional hand grenades detonating on almost every page…a breathtaking odyssey"

    Stephen McGinty, Sunday Times
  • "Kerry Hudson blew me away, opened my eyes… She’s got such a great voice and can really tell a story"

    Philippa Perry, author of The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read, You're Booked
  • "Where there are few working class stories, there are fewer still from working class women. Lowborn stands out as rare, as well as compassionately and skilfully told… Some books help us understand the world around us. Others do that, and make us feel less alone in it, too. Lowborn is one such book, holding out a hand of friendship to anyone who might pick it up and find something forgotten or familiar among its pages"

    Laura Waddell, Scotsman
  • "Lowborn is an insider’s view of the complexities of modern-day poverty, written with humour and compassion, but without judgement. It should be required reading for anyone who unknowingly believes poverty is a personal choice and that if you work hard enough you’ll avoid its fate… a fearless writer, an inspiring woman"

    Jackie Annesley, Sunday Times
  • "Lowborn is in part an indictment of a country that claims to still have a functioning welfare stateMost of all, it is a moving portrait of the survival and eventual flourishing of a remarkable spirit"

    John Harris, Guardian
  • "Elegant, compassionate and powerful… tells the hidden story of what it means to be poor in Britain today"

    Charlotte Heathcote, Sunday Express
  • "Paints a near-dystopian portrait of Brexit-age Britain… Lowborn is a powerful testimonial… Here’s hoping it gives others the courage to tell their version of this story, at high volume"

    Peter Murphy, Irish Times
  • "I’ve been in thrall to the words of Kerry Hudson since reading the very first sentence of her spectacularly good debut novel. I’m so glad she is writing Lowborn. It’s an important book that needs to exist and she is exactly the right person to write it. The hideous divisiveness that the horror that is Brexit has both revealed and fuelled, only makes this book more necessary"

    Cathy Rentzenbrink, author of THE LAST ACT OF LOVE