• "One of the most optimistic books about the Internet I've ever read because it dares to hope for better ... A blisteringly good, urgent, essential read"

    Zadie Smith
  • "In every chapter there is a principle so elegant, so neat, sometimes even so beautiful, that what is billed as straight polemic becomes something much more profound"

    Zoe Williams, Guardian
  • "Indispensable. Everyone who wants to understand the digital world, its pitfalls and possibilities should read this book – now"

    Matthew d'Ancona, author of Post-Truth
  • "A witty and fiercely intelligent attack on the ethics and business model of big tech and a romping read to boot. Lanier is a modern day Luther, calling for a digital reformation and nailing his theses to the door"

    Tom Hodgkinson, The Idler
  • "An eloquence that is hard to argue against … Every time you log on, you are adding to a fire that is burning your house down"

    Danny Fortson, Sunday Times