• "Wild Game tells an extraordinary family story, but this riveting memoir will touch all mothers and daughters. Adrienne Brodeur explores with compassionate clarity the intense bonds of love and need that create a family; and the destruction that can ensue. This is a beautiful book"

    Claire Messud
  • "It's a rare memoir that reads like a thriller, but Adrienne Brodeur's Wild Game manages to do just that. Beautifully written and harrowing, the book left me breathless"

    Richard Russo
  • "Entirely unique and utterly enthralling, Wild Game examines the ardor of a daughter’s love, caught up in the relentless needs of her mother. In this courageous act of radical self-reflection and truth-telling, Brodeur untangles karmic threads that bind families together across the generations"

    Ruth Ozeki
  • "Adrienne Brodeur's twisted mother-daughter story... [has] the potential to rise to the success level of last year’s breakout Educated"

    Entertainment Weekly
  • "Reads like heady beach fiction… This layered narrative of deceit, denial, and disillusionment is a surefire bestseller"

    Publishers Weekly (starred review)
  • "A searing, indelible memoir of an extraordinary mother and her equally extraordinary daughter. Among Adrienne Brodeur’s many achievements in Wild Game — beautiful prose, a riveting story, elegantly told — what I found most moving is the love threaded through every page of this unforgettable book"

    Dani Shapiro, author of Inheritance: A Memoir of Genealogy, Paternity, and Love
  • "Adrienne Brodeur has had decades to consider her glamorous, aspiring, and deeply manipulative mother along with her complex influence on her life. She appears to have used each day to explore and perfectly distill this legacy of sex, lies, and love into an intimate, emotionally gripping memoir that is exquisitely shaped, scrupulously nuanced, and gently lyrical. Brodeur’s search for honesty is heroic and graceful; her hard-earned understanding animates this quietly shattering book about how lies passed by parents embed themselves into their children’s hearts"

    George Hodgman