• "By the end of the third page I was not only hooked, but beginning to think that this might be the best book I'd read all year . . . creepy, pagan, detailed, entrancing. I loved it."

    JOANNE HARRIS, author of Chocolat and The Strawberry Thief
  • "A bewitching, beguiling, and deeply unsettling tale of one woman's strange life. It will ensnare you from page one and keep you riveted until the end."

    CAITLIN STARLING, author of The Luminous Dead
  • "Dark and immersive; a feast of storytelling that lingers long after the last morsel's been consumed."

    SAM LLOYD, author of The Memory Wood
  • "A glorious, pitch-black fairytale of a book. Lush, strange and defiant. As soon as I finished it, I went straight back to the start and read it again."

    KIRSTY LOGAN, author of Things We Say in the Dark
  • "Exploring the darker side of fairytales, it inhabits that liminal space where folklore and horror collide. A worrying tale where reality is filtered through the unreal, and the rational rubs shoulders with the supernatural, this is a beguiling story of love and revenge."

    LUCIE MCKNIGHT HARDY, author of Water Shall Refuse Them