• "Elegaic... Her books are carefully wrought acts of restoration... In The Pulse Glass, Tindall, now aged 81, reflects on a lifetime’s interest in historical recovery"

    Francis Wilson, The Telegraph
  • "Tindall writes with affecting precision... Reading this book feels like looking out of the window on a long train journey. One is lulled by the rhythms into deep reflection and inexplicable nostalgia for the lives and landscapes of others"

    Jessie Childs, History Today *Books of the Year*
  • "An excellent suite of essays on transience and remembrance... Gillian Tindall is a high-minded Autolycus, devoted not merely to snapping up the “unconsidered trifles” of past lives but holding them to the light to glean the stories they might conceal"

    Anthony Quinn, Observer
  • "Tindall specialises in the overlooked, the underappreciated. She is very much a local historian, if you take that to mean that everything local can become universal; that the stories of ordinary people are as worth telling as the grand, the famous, the notorious... Tantalising... Tindall is a fine historian and writes with a wryness of everyday human foibles"

    Emma Hogan, The Times
  • "Gillian Tindall has a richly furnished mind, as full of pigeonholes and secret drawers as an old-fashioned Victorian desk… Tapping at floorboards, exploring cellars, leafing through yellowing love letters…she unearths what she can about the worlds we have lost"

    Christina Hardyment, Times Literary Supplement