• "Hypnotic… an uncannily affecting and dreamlike story of parallel lives and worlds."

  • "As cryptic and compelling as a fever dream, Untold Night and Day is a vivid and disorienting exploration of identity, artifice and compulsion ... Bae Suah is one of the most unique and adroit literary voices working today."

    Sharlene Teo
  • "I loved this book. I loved its uncanny beauty, its startling occurrences. As it unravels you feel, if only a little, yourself unraveling too. A Lynchian triumph."

    Daisy Johnson
  • "Haunting and poetic, Untold Night and Day holds the reader in a suspended state, allowing us to explore the tension of the threshold. A strange and beautiful novel, wonderfully translated by Deborah Smith."

    Chloe Aridjis