• "One of the funniest, most finely achieved comic novels, even by her own standard … I think it’s a masterpiece."

    Ali Smith
  • "Life-affirming hilarity – Evelyn Waugh on ecstasy."

    Nell Zink
  • "Nicola Barker’s wildness and capacity for the absurd often delight me."

    Sarah Moss
  • "A bracing, brilliantly bonkers comic novel … This is freewheeling fiction that delights in the visual."

    Sunday Times
  • "Nicola Barker is British fiction’s brightest outlier ... a madly brilliant little book ... I loved it."

    Daily Mail
  • "What an audacious writer Nicola Barker is ... In an era when plot is king, Barker has typically, joyously, dispensed with one ... Barker’s pleasure in the novella feels defiant."

    Evening Standard
  • "I Am Sovereign is bursting with energy, compassion and humour."

    Literary Review
  • "Nicola Barker is literary royalty ... Brave, funny and painfully timely."

  • "A riotous burst of a novel that scrutinises the nature of fiction with the lightest of touches."

    Mail on Sunday
  • "Barker is a writer in a class of her own ... A work of coruscating intelligence, of deep humanity."