• One of the greatest non-fiction works ever written

    Bryan Appleyard, Sunday Times, on The Power Broker
  • Irresistibly readable, an outright masterpiece

    David Sexton, Evening Standard, on The Power Broker
  • A stupendous achievement … Caro’s style is gripping, indeed hypnotic, and he squeezes every ounce of drama from his remarkable story

    Vernon Bogdanor, Independent, on The Power Broker
  • I think about Robert Caro and reading The Power Broker back when I was twenty-two years old and just being mesmerized

    Barack Obama on The Power Broker
  • A breathtakingly dramatic story [told] with consummate artistry and ardor … It showcases Mr Caro’s masterly gifts as a writer

    Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times, on The Years of Lyndon Johnson
  • My book of the year, by a landslide majority … The adjective ‘Shakespearean’ is overused and mostly undeserved but not in this case

    Robert Harris, Guardian, on The Years of Lyndon Johnson
  • Regarded by many as the greatest political biography of the modern era

    The Times on The Years of Lyndon Johnson
  • Riveting

    Kathleen Burk, History Today, *Books of the Year*
  • Charming, inspiring and still at it; if you’ve ever wanted to know how a great write does it, you have reached your destination.

    Strong Words, *Books of the Year*

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