• Marrs ensures you suspend your disbelief sufficiently to inveigle you within the lives of the Minders - and then you'll be hooked.

    SciFi Bulletin
  • Gripping! It's so incredibly intense; a twisted roller coaster so fast-paced you literally cannot move or attempt to do anything else. John Marrs has a unique formula and it's magnificent. This storyline of shocks, thrills and intensity. It's not only fascinating but overwhelmingly frightening too.

    Baker's Not So Secret Blog
  • A hit the road running story that turns into a marathon that never stops. The story-line is superb, the likelihood possible and the outcome so believable. I was like a rabbit in headlights, mesmerized by what was in front of me but totally thrown by what was behind it all.

    Books from Dusk Til Dawn
  • This being a John Marrs story, there is a sting in the tale, a twisted complex and multi-layered back story which is woven throughout the book. You wonder where and how it ties in with everything else - an experiment gone wrong perhaps - and as the story plays out the tension, and the speed of the action, begins to increase. This was a book that had me from the start and kept my attention right to the last page. Tense, exciting, with brilliant characters and a very though provoking and intriguing plot, I loved this. Definitely recommended. This has Netflix special written all over it.

    Jen Med's Book Reviews
  • If you are a fan of conspiracy theories and love a bit of science-fiction then you will thoroughly enjoy The Minders. Full of twists, turns, oohs and aahs, this book kept me gripped from the opening chapter to the final paragraph and I also admit to getting a bit teary in places.

    Compulsive Readers
  • A totally believable futuristic element weaved throughout the book and given the current climate it seemed even more believable. I really enjoyed this book! I loved getting to know the five minders and how they worked/functioned, but I also liked how John brought to life certain conspiracy theories, how items that were made real life in the book. I urge you to go and pick up. You will not be disappointed!

    Fuel the Blog
  • Fast paced and exciting, The Minders is a story that grips you from page one and doesn't let go until the very final word. It was twisty, violent, dark and utterly unique, it's a story that surprised me and left me stunned. It's definitely a book I will be recommending and one I would love to see on screen one day too.

    It's All About the Books
  • An addictive cyber crime thriller that is audacious and brilliant in its concept. Slick, fast paced the book is a rush from page one to the very unexpected ending. A compulsive read from an author whose previous work has also been daring and enjoyably well plotted. If you haven't read any by this author I recommend you do he never fails to deliver a mind blowing read.

    Books Behind the Title
  • John Marrs is one of the most interesting authors I have come across in a long time. Each of his novels is a standalone with a story that has kept me hooked.

    A Crime Reader's Blog
  • For me this was a read that verged from speculative into dystopian and yet was firmly grounded in the here and now. I loved the entire concept. Marrs gives readers their pound of flesh and plenty of food for thought. I really enjoyed the way the author wanders into these futuristic ideas that are absolutely viable given the right conditions.

    Cheryl MM's Book Blog

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