• "Nightshade is a glorious novel... full of twisted sexuality, art and power, about what it means to commit yourself entirely to the artistic life. The book's ending is unforgettable."

    Alex Preston, Observer
  • "Brilliant and biting."

    Harriet Fitch Little, Financial Times
  • "The drama of creation, of impending triumph or failure, and the expert rendering of the artistic process, all lift the novel to a new level...McAfee’s prose is lyrical yet sharp… the novel fascinates…and Nightshade’s questions continue to intrigue."

    Joanna Briscoe, Guardian
  • "McAfee’s engaging novel combines a dark plot with a zestful skewering of the contemporary art world."

    Anthony Gardner, Mail on Sunday
  • "Eve is a fascinating, plausible creation, both alluring and monstrous in her all-consuming self-regard."

  • "[A] pacy tale of marital breakdown on the London art scene… Eve is an engagingly spiky anti-heroine."

    Anthony Cummins, Daily Mail
  • "Annalena McAfee brings a woman’s art to such vivid life that the reader is drawn thrillingly into its creation. Art is no mere device in this novel, it is its beating heart. A lush and original novel."

    Polly Clark