• "One of the most important books about gay culture in recent times"

    Andy Thomas, The Quietus
  • "Fascinating and incisive about gay culture as Caitlin Moran's books are about feminism"

    Boyd Hilton, Heat
  • "One of civilisation’s great pop-cultural writers…tells the story of some of the most amazing decades in British history"

    GQ Style
  • "Lively, timely and lovingly researched: thoroughly gay, in both the old and the new senses of the word"

    Louis Wise, The Sunday Times
  • "Insightful and engaging look at the past 30 years of gay social history in Britain"

  • "Important and insightful"

    The Pool
  • "Wonderful book...sensitively written and well researched. I'm honoured to be included"

    David Furnish
  • "An essential testament that needs to be read by anyone who came of age during the last three decades: gay, straight, parent, child, sister, brother, politician, policy maker, celebrity, commentator - all of us who are trying to make sense of where we came from and where we are now"

    John Tiffany
  • "Whether it's the bittersweet recollections of a former London Lighthouse AIDS nurse, the unexpected moral fortitude of a former tabloid editor, or the Grindr confessions of a pop idol, Flynn finds the heroism in the everyday and the ambitious and inspiring work"

    Adam Mattera, former Attitude editor
  • "As fascinating as it is laugh out loud funny, and proves, quite brilliantly, that there's nowt so queer as folk"

    Antony Cotton