• "The heart-warming story of a young girl’s quest . . . A marvellous tale, poignant and beautifully written"

    Lesley Downer, author of 'Geisha' and 'The Last Concubine'
  • "An epic tale of defeat, despair and redemption ... Kutsukake artfully paints a picture of a country haunted by trauma, but nevertheless moving forward and learning to find joy in life once again. Richly researched and deeply moving - a beautiful debut."

    Toronto Star
  • "Conjures the voices of an agonised time with elegant simplicity and moments of indelible poignancy."

    New York Times
  • "Kutsukake’s moving debut novel focuses on the intertwining stories of several protagonists in post–World War II Tokyo…consistently engaging…The result is a memorable story of hope and loneliness with a cathartic ending"

    Publisher's Weekly
  • "The Translation of Love is sweepingly gorgeous book about post-war Japan, a shattered country trying to piece itself back together. It begins with a letter passed to General MacArthur by two little girls, and ends with a heart-stopping search for a lost sister in the underbelly of Tokyo. From the desperate clutch of friendship in the time of tumult, to the bustling night markets and brothels - every brutal, moving moment is beautifully wrought in Lynne Kutsukake's expert hands. An incredible debut."

    Lisa Gabriele, author of 'Tempting Faith DiNapoli'