• "The leading thinker about technology’s corrupting influence on our collective psyche."

  • "An elegant, thoughtful book . . . beautifully expresses the importance and experience of liberation from the battery-hen life of constant connection and crowds."

    Daily Mail
  • "A compelling study of the subtle ways in which modern life and technologies have transformed our behaviour and sense of self . . . The strength of Harris’s argument lies in his showing how seemingly harmless new technologies insidiously influence our ways of being . . . Harris proposes ways in which we can discover ourselves within an increasingly digitally connected world."

    Times Literary Supplement
  • "I came away from this book a better human being. Michael Harris’s take on existence is calm, unique, and makes one's soul feel good yet never once does he rely on feel-good techniques."

    Douglas Coupland
  • "A timely, eloquent provocation to daydream and wander."

    Nathan Filer, author of THE SHOCK OF THE FALL
  • "A poetic, contemplative journey into the benefits of solo sojourning. The book – which weaves together personal anecdotes and fascinating research – makes a convincing argument for stepping away from the crowd (and your even more crowded phone) and scheduling some soul-resetting me time."

  • "Harris's book isn’t preachy; rather, it recasts small lifestyle changes as part of a struggle to regain that sense of self . . . It speaks to a long overdue conversation we still haven't properly had in our society."

  • "Harris has an intuition that being alone with ourselves, paying attention to inner silence and being able to experience outer silence, is an essential part of being human . . . Thick with fact and argument and some fine writing."

    Paul Kingsnorth, New Statesman
  • "An insightful, lively meditation on why this increasingly scarce component of our lives should be preserved."

    Globe and Mail
  • "Elegant, accessible and often hilarious."

    Chicago Tribune