• "It was consistently above the run of any mill. You could smell the fish, the whores and the cordite. This was everything afternoon radio was invented for."

    Euan Ferguson, The Guardian
  • "David Ashton's writing is excellent, his characters thoroughly convincing, and his narrative grabs you ... and doesn't let you go"

    The Sherlock Holmes Society of London
  • "McLevy is a sort of Victorian Morse with a heart ... Ashton impeccably evokes Edinburgh so vividly that you can feel the cold in your bones and the menace of the Old Town s steep cobbles and dark corners"

    Financial Times
  • "A fascinating insight into the Victorian underclass ... a powerful writer."

    Daily Mail
  • "McLevy’s tales more than pass the first and most important test, in that they are an outstandingly good read."

    Quintin Jardine