• "Any bookshelf would be graced by the presence of [Red Thread]… [it] ask[s] readers to surrender to the unpredictable pleasures of getting lost… playful and gorgeously written."

    Robert Douglas-Fairhurst, Guardian
  • "A serious, substantial, scholarly and yet also highly personal book about mazes… Red Thread is a book to admire as much as to enjoy."

    Ian Sansom, Spectator
  • "[Charlotte Higgins] is no ordinary author. Her thrillingly original book – it really is like no other – is itself a sort of maze of facts and thoughts, ancient tales and modern phenomena… on every page there is a sparkling idea or a fascinating piece of information. It is also beautifully writtena beautifully produced volume, full of colour illustrations of sculptures and paintings and tantalising maps of mazes."

    Craig Brown, Mail on Sunday
  • "In this beautifully produced and richly illustrated book… Charlotte Higgins takes us on a fascinating meander through the art and literature of the last 2,500 years… After reading this book you will see labyrinths everywhere."

    Michael O’Loughlin, Irish Times
  • "The joy of travelling with Higgins… [is that Red Thread] delights in the blinking movement from one subject to the next. In a few pages, we travel from Middlemarch to Ovid, from Arachne to Velázquez and his painting The Spinners and then back to George Eliot. It sounds dizzying; in truth it is illuminating."

    Christian Donlan, New Statesman
  • "This is a book to get gloriously lost in… It’s a lovely, wayward meander, combining memoir with surprising historical facts, unexpected connections and intriguing, imaginative speculations."

    Psychologies *Book of the Month*
  • "Higgins’ range is admirably, enviably broad… there is no shortage of visual pleasure in Red Thread."

    Tim Smith-Laing, Daily Telegraph
  • "Charlotte Higgins’ Red Thread is subtitled “On Mazes And Labyrinths” but is much more than that. It takes a nimble thinker to link the ancient stories of the Minotaur to archeological fabrication in the Edwardian era and to Arnold Bennett and the Potteries... [one] of the most interesting books this year."

    Stuart Kelly, Scotsman, *Books of the Year*
  • "Fascinatingenrichingvery satisfying."

    Jonathan McAloon, Financial Times