• "The Feather Thief truly is a tale of obsession . . . A wonderfully assured writer, [Johnson] takes us on a curious journey into the past . . . Vivid and arresting."

    The Times
  • "A fascinating investigation of a seriously ridiculous crime"

    New Scientist
  • "Within pages I was hooked. This is a weird and wonderful book . . . Johnson is a master of pacing and suspense . . . it’s a tribute to Johnson’s storytelling gifts that when I turned the last page I felt bereft."

  • "The Feather Thief is a riveting read. It also stands, I believe, as a reminder of how an obsession with the ornaments of nature — be they feathers, bird eggs or ivory — can wreak havoc on our scientific heritage"

  • "Weird and wonderful"

    The Tablet
  • "The book is The Orchid Thief for the fly-fishing and birding set: worth its weight in exotic bird feathers, which you’ll learn are very expensive"

    The Paris Review
  • "The Feather Thief is not only a thrilling account of the crime and its aftermath but also a potted history of our relationship with the natural world"

    Mail on Sunday
  • "The questions [The Feather Thief] raises are more pertinent than ever."

    Daily Mail
  • "A fascinating book… the kind of intelligent reported account that alerts us to a threat and that, one hopes, will never itself be endangered"

    Wall Street Journal
  • "Johnson’s narrative entertainingly recounts not just Rist’s strange story but that of the pioneering Victorian ornithologists too"

    New Statesman

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